Valuable Articles Coverage

Valuable Articles Coverage in Redding, CT

Your great-grandmother’s silk, your grandmother’s ring, your father’s stamp collection, and your collection of fine art. All priceless pieces that you want to protect for generations to come.

While installing a safe and locking them all in there is one way to protect them, it still doesn’t offer full protection. Neither does the homeowner’s policy that you took out on your home or condo since it offers very limited coverage for such precious items. The homeowner’s policy does not cover breakages or lost items. In addition, there will be a deductible applied to your loss and the settlement amount may be limited for antique or rare items.

A valuable articles insurance policy in Redding, CT is the only insurance policy that can effectively cover your valuable items at their full value, and at Berliner-Gelfand, we can ensure that your priceless and valuable items are well protected.

Valuable Articles Coverage Redding, CT

Items Included in Valuable Articles Coverage in Redding, CT

The items included in the valuable articles coverage usually depend on the insurance company, but some of the common items considered for this coverage include antiques, fine art, silverware, crystal and fine china, jewelry, wedding gifts, furs, stamp and coin collections, pedigree dogs, musical instruments and sound equipment, sports equipment, trophies, guns, cameras, and computers, among others.

If you have a valuable item, you can contact Berliner-Gelfand to see if we can cover it and to discuss the terms and conditions of the policy. Having this kind of insurance grants you the peace of mind that should the item be damaged or stolen, you will be fully compensated for it.

Items Included in Valuable Articles Coverage Redding, CT

Valuable Articles Insurance Policy in Redding, CT

How does a valuable articles insurance policy in Redding, CT work? First, you go through all your valuable items to determine which ones you would like to insure. Then, you come to us as your insurers to agree on the value of each item before anything happens to it. This is referred to as scheduling.

Alternatively, you could ask for a blanket coverage of your valuables where you don’t itemize them. A limit is usually applied to each item under a blanket coverage and we will help you work out those limits as well as the overall blanket value.

However, there are certain advantages attached to scheduling your items:

  1. You will receive 100% of the insured value in cash in case of a total loss without any requirement to replace or repair it.
  2. If it costs more to replace the item at the time of the loss, you will get up to 150% of the insured amount in a market value settlement clause.
  3. You have worldwide coverage for your scheduled items.
  4. The coverage covers breakages of fragile items and newly acquired items.

For a minimum amount of premium, you can have your items of immeasurable value protected. These valuable items can be monetary or sentimental. There are no deductibles so you get the full value for your items. You can even add this policy on to your homeowner’s policy in Redding, CT for a comprehensive coverage or get a separate policy for your valuables with equal benefits.

Valuable Articles Insurance Policy Redding, CT

Getting a Valuable Articles Insurance Policy in Redding, CT

To get a valuable articles insurance policy, simply contact us at Berliner-Gelfand. We will have our professional insurance agents provide you with a detailed valuable articles insurance policy that is right for you. Contact us today to have your valuables protected from loss or damage.

Getting a Valuable Articles Insurance Policy Redding, CT