Life, Health and Disability Insurance

Life, Health and Disability Insurance in Ox Hill, CT

Life, health and disability insurance fall under the category of personal insurance, and these insurance policies in Ox Hill, CT are some of the most popular due to their universal nature. After all, we all want to protect our health and would like to make sure that we and our loved ones are taken care of, should anything happen to us.

Ox Hill, CT Life Insurance

While we do not like to think about it, the fact remains that we will all pass away at some point in time. It may be sudden or gradual, but it is certainly inevitable. At that point, our loved ones will be left with some financial challenges depending on the nature of our death.

At the very least, our families or loved ones will have to deal with the funeral costs, but sometimes they may be left with a larger expense such as a hospital bill, a hefty mortgage, or the loss of your income that could make it harder for them to survive. Taking a life insurance policy in Ox Hill, CT will ensure that your loved ones will be protected from the financial implications of your death.

Life Insurance in Ox Hill, CT

Types of Life Insurance Policies in Ox Hill, CT

There are basically two types of life coverage which include Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance.

  1. Term Insurance – This pays out either a lump sum or monthly amount if you die within a certain period of time (term). Should you not die within that term, the policy lapses and no money is released.
  2. Whole Life Insurance – This policy lasts as long as you are alive and when you eventually die, the payments are made as per your specifications.

There are different categories of coverage within each type of life policy and we here at Berliner-Gelfand will be more than happy to take you through them all.

Health Insurance in Ox Hill, CT

Health Insurance in Ox Hill, CT

We all get sick, and some more often than others which make medical care expensive. Having your own private or personal health insurance in Ox Hill, CT, particularly in emergency cases, gives you peace of mind when you or your loved one is affected. Health insurance covers treatment for injuries or short-term illnesses that are curable, and you can obtain this policy for yourself or your dependents such as your spouse and children.

Types of Ox Hill, CT Health Insurance

There are five basic types of health insurance:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Child
  • Joint – For you and your partner
  • Healthcare cash plans – A monthly premium is paid and you send your receipts for medical care to your insurer for reimbursement.
Disability Insurance in Ox Hill, CT

What is Ox Hill, CT Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance in Ox Hill, CT is a policy that protects you and your family from financial difficulties resulting from injury or illness that affects your ability to work. There are two types of disability policies:

  • Short-term policies that last for two years
  • Long-term policies that last for a lifetime

Why Should I Get Disability Insurance in Ox Hill, CT?

The simple reason is that disability can occur at any time and this is the only way to protect your income. Group insurance in Ox Hill, CT provided by employers is limited in its coverage as is the unemployment coverage. You need to be sure that if something should happen to you and affect your ability to work, you and your family can be taken care of until you get back on your feet.

If you would like to make inquiries about any of the insurance policies mentioned above, give us a call and our experienced insurance agents will answer all your questions as well as give you a quote for your preferred policy.

Life Insurance Policies in Ox Hill, CT