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About Litchfield County

Litchfield County is a popular town destination for weekenders from New York. A small, yet beautiful town named after Litchfield in England. According to the 2010 census, the population of Litchfield County was 189,927. Litchfield County may be the largest county of the state, but it has the lowest population density in Connecticut. This means there are plenty of wide open spaces for everyone.

If you are already living in Litchfield County or planning a move to the location, then feel blessed as the county can offer the same financial protection and security offered by a modern city. Having a strong insurance industry in Litchfield CT can offer all residents the protection needed in everyday life and business.

Insurance Services Litchfield CT

Popular Insurance for Personal Life in Litchfield CT:

Auto Insurance

Trying to find the perfect auto insurance can be tough, but our insurance experts can help! Whenever there is an accident that happens on the road or an event that causes damage to your vehicle, you could end up with a financial burden. Auto insurance is a protection from a financial setback that may have resulted from a vehicular accident or damages to your car. Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve, all at a great price. 

Property Insurance

Whether you own or rent a high-rise condo or a cozy one-story home, your home and its contents are probably your biggest investments. Why not make sure your home is protected? A fire or flood could lead to costly home repairs. Property insurance is a safety net to ensure that in the event of certain property damages, you have the means for repairing or getting a new home.

Why is Insurance Important in Litchfield CT?

Popular Business or Professional Insurance Litchfield CT:

Professional Liability

No matter how honest your intentions are when it comes to practicing your profession, someone might think that they could make some money by filing a legal case against you. Liability damages can sometimes cost thousands of dollars! Our professional liability insurance can help you and your company pay the defense costs and/or judgments that come with the claims of professional negligence and error & omission (E&O).

Workers Compensation Insurance

If there is an accident that happens within your business premises, your business could be obligated for the medical and other costs. Workers compensation insurance is there to protect your business from financial ruin in case an accident happens to one of your employees while doing their work. At Berliner Gelfand Insurance, we offer workers compensation coverage to avoid any devastating situations. 

Insurance Agency in Litchfield CT

Insurance Agency in Litchfield CT

There are a lot of different kinds of insurance, and each having their specific purpose. Doing research could eat a lot of your valuable time. A professional insurance agency can help you do the legwork so you have more time to do productive work or for personal enjoyment. Having a reputable insurance agent can also help you find insurance deals that only the professionals know about, thus saving you money.

Living in this day and age, one simply cannot afford to have no insurance at all. However, getting the right insurance can be problematic and time-consuming as there are a lot of companies and policies to choose from. It is best to consult with a professional insurance service agency like Berliner Gelfand Insurance for all your questions and concerns regarding the insurance industry, and the different insurance policies they can provide for your personal life or business in Litchfield County.

Popular Insurance for Personal Life in Litchfield CT