Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in North Greenwich, CT

One of the key factors in any successful commercial entity is the employee. When an employee is injured at work, efficiency at the business goes down. In short, your employees’ safety is crucial in ensuring productivity. If you don’t have workers compensation in North Greenwich, CT, then you will have to cover potential medical costs out of pocket or else face a legal suit.

At Berliner-Gelfand, we offer workers compensation coverage in North Greenwich, CT to avoid this devastating scenario. Our policies protect both your employees and your business in case of any work-related injuries or illnesses.

Workers Compensation North Greenwich, CT

North Greenwich, CT Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a state-mandated insurance coverage that protects a business from being sued by employees over poor working conditions in case of work-related injuries. Every business is supposed to carry this policy, and we provide the insurance coverage that suits your company perfectly depending on size, the number of employees, and even type of operations involved.

At Berliner-Gelfand, we ensure peace of mind so that you can run your company effectively. With suitable workers compensation coverage, we ensure there are no legal tussles lurking in case of an accident at your facility in North Greenwich, CT.

North Greenwich, CT Workers Compensation Insurance

What Does Workers Compensation Cover in North Greenwich, CT?

Workers comp coverage in North Greenwich, CT is designed to cover injuries at the workplace even when they result from an employee’s or employer’s negligence. These injuries don’t have to occur at the workplace. For instance, if an employee who is traveling for a business trip suffers an injury, our workers compensation coverage will cater for the damages. Our workers compensation coverage also includes injuries from sudden accidents, such as falls or those that happen over time such as computer-related repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Injuries or illnesses resulting from exposure to radiation and harmful chemicals are also covered under this insurance policy.

However, workers compensation insurance covers most, but not all on-the-job injuries. If an employee is intoxicated, work-related injuries are not covered. Other situations that can lead to denial of workers compensation coverage include:

  • Injuries suffered when an employee’s conduct violated business policies.
  • Injuries suffered when a worker was committing a serious crime at work.
  • Self-inflicted injuries.
What Does Workers Compensation Cover North Greenwich, CT?

What Does North Greenwich, CT Workers Compensation Pay For?

Our extensive workers compensation coverage offers the following benefits:

  • Pays all reasonably required medical costs from a work-related injury.
  • Offers some wage replacement benefits and compensates an employee for permanent impairment arising from a compensable work-related injury.
  • In a case of death, workers compensation coverage pays benefits to beneficiaries and covers burial costs.
  • Employers are protected in case of a lawsuit by an injured worker. This extends to the payment of legal costs and indemnity in gross negligence death lawsuits.
What Does North Greenwich, CT Workers Compensation Pay For?

Workers Compensation Insurance Agents in North Greenwich, CT

At Berliner-Gelfand, we help by ensuring that injured workers and their families are not forced into the welfare system. From this perspective, we provide a win-win package both for the employer and employee.

Every business in North Greenwich, CT needs workers compensation and for this reason, we offer a wide range of flexible plans to choose from. We have the personnel and resources to ensure your employees are safe while also securing your business against legal claims. Whatever type of business you are running, talk to our insurance representatives today and we will come up with a tailored solution to meet your workers compensation coverage needs.

Workers Compensation Insurance Agents in North Greenwich, CT