Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT

When you have spent a lifetime creating wealth, the last thing you want is to get sued for all your worth. Tragedies happen all the time. Whether it is an accident involving pricey medical expenses or an incident in your home, you can easily find yourself incurring damages that exceed the limits on your homeowners, auto, or boat policies. However, you do not need to worry since our personal umbrella insurance coverage in Mill Hill, CT offers you extended personal liability protection.

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT?

An umbrella policy offers additional coverage when a lawsuit has brought over damages that you are liable for and it exceeds the liability limit on your home insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, etc. It also offers protection that may not be incorporated in other liability policies.

Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT

Umbrella Insurance Coverage in Mill Hill, CT?

We provide the following personal umbrella insurance coverage in Mill Hill, CT:

  • Property Damage - Property damage covers the cost of loss or damage to another person's physical or tangible property or assets. Examples of such include damage to vehicles or any property as a result of an accident where you are at fault, damage to property caused by your pets and accidental damage to property caused by your child.
  • Bodily Injury – Bodily injury provides for damage expenses as a result of bodily injury. Examples include liability claims or medical bills due to injuries caused to people as a result of an auto accident which you are at fault, injuries caused to people by your pets, and injuries sustained by a visitor in your home.

We also provide personal umbrella insurance coverage for:

  • Slander – injurious spoken word or statement
  • Libel – injurious written word or statement
  • False arrest, imprisonment, or detention
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Mental anguish/shock
What is Personal Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT?

Mill Hill, CT Personal Umbrella Insurance Cost

Our umbrella insurance coverage is one of the most affordable policies in the insurance business. The cost of our umbrella insurance ranges from $150 dollars per year on the low limit to over $1,000 dollars for high-end coverage. This can go as high as $10 million dollars worth of coverage.

Factors Affecting Umbrella Insurance Cost

  • Credit History – Your umbrella insurance cost may not be as low as you would like if you have poor credit history.
  • Family Driving Records – Your umbrella coverage costs are based on members of your family, so if your family’s driving record includes infractions, accidents, and speeding tickets, that may affect your insurance costs.
  • Risk Profile – Do you have a dog? Do you frequently host parties? The higher your risk profiles, the higher the chances of paying more for the umbrella insurance cost.
Umbrella Insurance Coverage in Mill Hill, CT
Why Choose Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT?
  • We provide the best combination of value coverage and price for your insurance needs
  • We make personal umbrella insurance coverage easy – you can get a quote that is right for you in a matter of minutes.
  • Personal Advice – we offer personal advice on the amount of personal umbrella insurance that is right for our clients.
  • 24/7 Claims Service – our customer service representatives are available 24/7.
  • Flexible Options – Berliner-Gelfand gives you the option to select your preferred policy.
  • Simple Billing – our billing statements are easily accessible and easy to read and understand.

Service Areas

Our main service areas are Texas, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and all of New England.

Whether you are ready to buy a policy or you still have some questions, we would like to hear from you. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Personal Umbrella Insurance in Mill Hill, CT