Insurance Services in Tolland CT

Insurance Services in Tolland CT

Berliner Gelfand Insurance was incorporated in 1965 in Tolland County, CT and has been well known for providing insurance services to the members of the county and beyond for more than forty-five years. The president and CPCU James R. Berliner was also the past president of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of Connecticut, where he was legally elected by the peers. This insurance company represents major carriers in the insurance market niche and has the ability to seek other players in any line of insurance that needs placement from Lloyds of London to other local companies.

Having extensive and comprehensive experience in the insurance industry is imperative in order to provide the most qualified services in Tolland County. The insurance coverages written include liability, umbrella, workers compensation, management liability, municipal, ancillary coverage, directors and officers, employee benefits, professional liability, auto, and property. The companies that are represented include Chubb, Chartis, The Hartford, CNA, SAFECO, Hanover, Travelers, Bunker Hill, Fidelity National, Plymouth Rock, progressive and the Utica national.

Insurance Services in Tolland CT

How to Choose Insurance Company in Tolland

Choosing the right insurance company to help you maneuver through the complicated and often confusing policies can be very important. With Berliner Gelfand Insurance, you will be assured that all information is detailed and explained in order to choose the right policies that fit your situation in Tolland, CT. Below are some of the key reasons as to why you should consider our professional insurance services in Tolland, CT:

Accessible Insurance Services

This is one of the most important aspects that most customers consider before they choose an insurance provider. This gives them a chance to air their grievances within the shortest time possible and get an immediate feedback. Our insurance professionals are always on board when it comes to providing you with great client support and services. Feel free to contact our insurance agents anytime, any day!

How to Choose Insurance Company in Tolland CT

Affordable Insurance Services

There are many insurance providers, but prices always vary. It is always important to find an equal balance between the insurance coverage you want and the premium you can afford. Luckily, all of our insurance coverages are affordable and can even save you a lot of money in the long run by getting a policy tailored to your needs. To get affordable and flexible coverages while saving money, contact our insurance agency today.

Wide Scope of Insurance Services

Tailoring an insurance coverage to meet your specific needs gets easier when working with our insurance experts.The kinds of insurance services we offer are not limited to specific line of risks. Our insurance services are diverse and can cover different aspects of risks. Some of these coverages include auto insurance, workers compensation, RV insurance, homeowners insurance, general liability, employment practices liability, professional liability, property insurance, and much more. Our insurance experts are always looking forward to helping you learn more about all your options. Contact us today for your insurance quotes! 

Licensed Insurance Company in Tolland CT

Licensed Insurance Company in Tolland, CT

Using the services of a licensed insurance company is important. There are many companies out there offering vague services at higher prices. Berliner Gelfand Insurance is fully licensed, offering quality services while representing many of the major carriers in the insurance industry today. Contact us today for more information on the vast insurance coverage we offer in personal and commercial insurance.