Professional Insurance Coverage in East Bridgeport, CT

At Berliner-Gelfand & Co., Inc., we pride ourselves in our rich heritage of offering insurance coverage for over 50 years. We have highly skilled agents who will get you the right insurance policies to suit your home and family. Our insurance agents are always ready to listen to any questions you may have on any of our insurance products. Our customized policies are designed to suit any type of homeowner and we are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure your family and property are protected.

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Property Insurance

Simply put, property insurance is insurance that covers any kind of risks to property. It is an insurance policy that covers businesses and organizations against damage to their buildings (real property) and the contents...

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Life, Health and Disability Insurance

Life, health and disability insurance fall under the category of personal insurance, and these insurance policies in East Bridgeport, CT are some of the most popular due to their universal nature. After all, we all want to protect...

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Auto Insurance

It is compulsory to insure vehicles against basic liabilities. Berliner-Gelfand & Co., Inc., not only offer diverse and personalized auto insurance policies in East Bridgeport, CT, but also give insurance discounts to individuals...

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Finding Home Insurance Coverage East Bridgeport, CT

Personal Insurance Coverage in East Bridgeport, CT

Insurance coverage is an essential part of contemporary life.
We appreciate the fact that your home is a significant investment to you and your family. Having personal insurance is imperative, especially if you have unique living, driving, or health conditions. Our agents are prepared to customize personal insurance coverages as well as provide you with a number of personal insurance solutions including homeowners insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance. Our professional insurance agents are ready to assist you!

Why is Commercial Insurance Important? East Bridgeport, CT

Property insurance is used by a variety of businesses from manufacturers to retailers, to provide coverage for their property in the event of damages caused by fires, storms, natural disasters, and even theft. Some insurance policies go as far as covering the loss of income as a result of the damage or the extra expenses incurred while trying to keep the business running following the damage. Ask about our commercial insurance coverage policies to learn what will best suit the needs of your business. Berliner-Gelfand & Co., Inc., takes you through the terms and conditions of all our commercial insurance coverage options to ensure you are clear on the policies your business requires. Speak to our professional insurance agents today to customize your commercial insurance solutions.

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Our growth has not been accidental because we have been driven by the single aim of offering 100% customer satisfaction. This has earned us customer loyalty and motivated us to go the extra mile for our clients. Our professional insurance agents appreciate that every client has unique needs and for this reason, they go out of their way in identifying customized insurance solutions to suit clients’ needs.

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