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Watercraft Insurance in Cos Cob, CT

Whether it’s a luxury yacht for occasional use or a small motorboat for daily transportation, it is important to protect your watercraft against damage and/or loss. A personal watercraft insurance policy will cover you and your watercraft against accidents, vandalism and any liability that could be attached to you and your watercraft in Cos Cob, CT. You can get this type of watercraft insurance coverage for your sailboat, houseboat, pontoon boat, jet ski, wave runner and other watercraft.

Watercraft Insurance Cos Cob, CT

Cos Cob, CT Watercraft Insurance Coverage

So what does a personal watercraft insurance policy exactly cover? A personal watercraft insurance policy in Cos Cob, CT will cover you for the following:

  • Bodily injury or death to another person
  • Injury to you by an uninsured watercraft operator
  • Water skiers or boarders that are injured while using your watercraft
  • Damage to another watercraft or docking bay
  • Damage to your hull, machinery, and equipment in case of a collision, fire, explosion, sinking, stranding, or underwater damage
  • Towing costs should your watercraft breakdown while on the water

These are general areas of coverage that apply to all kinds of watercraft. However, there are some coverage options that are specific to the different types of watercraft. Also, you may want to have a contents coverage or full-time coverage if your watercraft is also your home.

You can discuss these options with any of our agents at Berliner-Gelfand. They will be glad to answer your questions and present you with the best possible insurance policy for you and your watercraft.

Cos Cob, CT Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Cos Cob, CT Watercraft Insurance Cost

The cost of watercraft insurance in Cos Cob, CT is also dependent on the kind of watercraft you have. Generally, the year it was manufactured, its model and make, horsepower, engine type and maximum speed, affect the cost of the policy. In addition, the value of your watercraft, as well as any modifications you have made will affect the cost, along with the safety course you have taken.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to how much and what kind of watercraft insurance coverage in Cos Cob, CT you would like. If you are going for the bare minimum where you cover only for damages and injuries, then it will be much cheaper than if you want to have your watercraft fully replaced if lost or damaged.

Cos Cob, CT Watercraft Insurance Cost

Personal Watercraft Insurance Policy in Cos Cob, CT

Your personal watercraft insurance policy in Cos Cob, CT may exclude some items, so be sure your insurance agent details these exclusions to ensure you are getting the right insurance policy for your needs. Watercraft that have been modified to enhance speed and performance are not covered, or may affect the cost of the policy if they are. In addition, the operation of the watercraft after dark is not covered as well as operation without a valid driver’s license.

There are also areas that a watercraft is not permitted to operate within the policy. These may vary based on the size of the craft, but they typically include rivers, lakes, inland waterways and ocean waters that are at a particular distance from the shore.It is important to read through the specific policy for your specific watercraft to know what is included and excluded.

Watercraft Insurance Agents in Cos Cob, CT

If you are interested in having your watercraft insured, contact a professional watercraft insurance agent at Berliner-Gelfand for a quote. You can also visit our offices to learn more about your personal watercraft insurance policy in Cos Cob, CT and what it entails. Contact us today!

Personal Watercraft Insurance Cos Cob, CT