Insurance Services in New Haven County, CT

Insurance Services in New Haven County, CT

Berliner Gelfand Insurance was incorporated in 1965 and has been offering insurance services as a highly trusted member of the New Haven County community and beyond for more than 40 years. Our insurance services company in New Haven, CT represents many of the traditional carriers in the insurance marketplace today, such as Chartis, CAN, Chubb, The Hartford, Travellers, SAFECO, Hanover, Plymouth Rock, Bunker Hill, Fidelity National, Progressive, and Utica National. These insurance carriers all have an extensive and comprehensive experience in the insurance industry.

Types of Insurance Coverage in New Haven County CT

The following are some of the insurance services provided by Berliner-Gelfand insurance to the residents of New Haven County.

Additional Living Expenses Insurance - If a covered loss occurs and you cannot live in your home anymore, our policy will pay the appropriate increase in the cost of living, typically for up to two years, while the loss is assessed and your house is rebuilt or repaired.

Broad Form Liability Coverage - Assists and protects you from expenses related to property damage or injuries you or your watercraft cause after the occurrence of an accident. Our policy will also cover certain wreckage removal and contingent fuel spill liabilities.

Insurance Services in New Haven County, CT

Collision Coverage

If your car is damaged or destroyed during a collision accident, our collision insurance coverage will cover to fix or replace it. Types of collision accidents can include hitting another vehicle or hitting an object, like a tree or a bridge. Our collision insurance coverage can also help if someone or something else hits your car while it is parked. Depending on the agreed value of your vehicle, our licensed insurance agents can offer a helping hand in determining the limits you need.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your car has been damaged even when you are not in a crash, our comprehensive insurance coverage can be the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive coverage can protect you if your car has been damaged by any natural disasters, vandalism, and theft, animal damage, or shattered windows and windshields. It also includes any losses from floods, fire, cracked windshields, the wind, and falling objects.

Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage

Custom parts and equipment coverage can protect any equipment, devices, accessories and changes that modify the appearance or performance of your vehicle. A majority of motorcycle owners love to customize their rides, and our policy pays for customized equipment and parts, often at no extra charge.

Emergency and Roadside Assistance

For personal watercraft, boat and auto, emergency assistance pays for the expenses of emergency service or towing. For RVs, it also covers transportation and housing expenses if your RV becomes completely uninhabitable and pays for the loss of personal property in the RV. We can also offer a roadside assistance benefit as much as $300 per breakdown to motorcycle owners.

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Fidelity Coverage

Fidelity coverage, or a fidelity bond, is a safety net for business owners to avoid employee theft. It can be money, property, credit card fraud or forgery, but luckily all of these actions can be covered by a fidelity insurance coverage. A fidelity bond is highly recommended when one of more of your employees are handling cash or other valuable assets. 

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a person steals your personal information and opens accounts or incurs charges without your permission. Such thieves can gain access to your personal information in many ways which include hacking your computer files, stealing your wallet, or taking your personal mail. The person uses your identity to take debts in your name or possibly to issue fake IDs. An identity theft policy pays for such loss.

Medical Coverage (Home)

The policy covers the medical cost for guests if they get injured in your home, and in particular, cases includes persons who get injured off of your property. It doesn't cover healthcare costs for you and other members of your household.

Medical Coverage (Auto, Personal Watercraft, Boat, RV, Motorcycle) -The policy pays for the medical expenses for both you and your passenger that results from an accident.

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Liability and Personal Liability Coverage

For property owners, the coverage applies if the property is damaged or someone is injured and you are to blame. For motorcycles, we provide passenger liability coverage in New Haven County and surrounding areas.

Personal Property Coverage

Your house is filled with furniture, sports equipment, clothes, and other valuables that mean a lot to you. The personal property coverage helps replace or repair these valuables if they are destroyed, stolen, or lost as a result of an insured risk.

Physical Damage Coverage for Watercraft - The coverage pays to repair the damage that occurs to your watercraft as a result of an accident. It also pays to replace or repair your watercraft for insured risks such as fire, theft, vandalism or any other non-collision damage that take place in or out of the water.

Dwelling or Property Coverage - Typically pays to rebuild or repair your property if it's destroyed or damaged by an insured event.

Unattached Equipment Coverage - Pays to replace or repair equipment that is not permanently attached to your personal watercraft or boat. Some of the items covered may include water skis and life jackets.

Types of Insurance Coverage in New Haven County CT

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is the policy that may help you when your losses under other insurance policies such as auto and homeowner's policy, have exceeded the limits of your policy.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Pays for costs associated with death or bodily injury resulting from an accident caused by a hit-and-run driver, underinsured, or uninsured, as defined by the New Haven County law. It also compensates you if you are accidentally hit as a pedestrian.

Insurance Agency in New Haven County CT

As a trusted advisor in New Haven County, James R. Berliner, CPCU and President, together with his team, welcome the opportunity to serve you. For more than 45 years, their goal is to be there for you in all your insurance needs, whether it is personal insurance or commercial and business insurance. Offering a long-term and supportive relationship that grows with your personal needs or business is what our insurance agency strives to do for the residents in New Haven County, CT. Contact our insurance offices today for more information.

Comprehensive Coverage