Habitational Insurance

Habitational Insurance in Cedar Heights, CT

Berliner-Gelfand is one of the most established habitational insurance policy providers in a gradually shrinking market. We offer specialized insurance in Cedar Heights, CT that differs from the typical property insurance policy. In essence, our range of coverage is designed to protect your rental property from damages caused by habitational risks.

Over the last five decades, the number of condos, multi-residence properties, student hostels, and senior housing properties has increased exponentially. However, most of these owners don’t know that these types of properties need a specialized form of habitual insurance coverage in Cedar Heights, CT.

Our expert insurance representatives are always ready to explain in deeper details the extent of all the different types of insurance policies available and will come up with a solution that perfectly fits your property’s needs.

Habitational Insurance Cedar Heights, CT

What Is Habitational Insurance in Cedar Heights, CT?

In general, habitational insurance refers to coverage designed to cater to commercial apartments including high-rises. At Berliner-Gelfand, we appreciate that some property owners need more than just the ordinary property coverage. Our habitational insurance policy covers a number of commercial dwellings in Cedar Heights, CT including:

  • Boarding houses
  • Student dormitories
  • Hotels
  • Timeshares
  • B&B
  • Condominiums and Townhomes
  • Apartment complexes
What is Habitational Insurance Cedar Heights, CT?

Cedar Heights, CT Habitational Insurance Coverage

Habitational coverage provides liability coverage in case of tenant injuries. This coverage also helps to cover losses caused by:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Actual loss sustained
  • Pollution cleanup cost
  • Building code
  • Money and securities
  • Storms
  • Windstorms and hail
  • Theft
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism or theft in your property
  • Aircraft or vehicle damage

Our habitational insurance coverage is crucial even for landlords who have several rentals in Cedar Heights, CT, in order to cover losses caused by damage to equipment dedicated to maintenance and upkeep of these structures. We appreciate that every property is different and habitational insurance coverage needs might vary. For this reason, our insurance representatives are available to answer any questions and to offer you a customized insurance policy to suit your needs.

Cedar Heights, CT Habitational Insurance Coverage

Habitational Insurance Agents in Cedar Heights, CT

At Berliner-Gelfand, our insurance policies will also consider other coverage options such as glass, loss of rental income, condominium association, directors and officers, water damage, outdoor sign damage, errors and omissions, among others risks.

When it comes to habitational insurance coverage in Cedar Heights, CT, it is important to buy cautiously. As a premier provider of this coverage option, Berliner-Gelfand has the prerequisite experience to get you the best protection for your precious investment. Our insurance agents have dealt with almost any type of commercial rental property, and if yours is unique, we will still provide the best deal in the market.

Our insurance agents can handle habitational risks of any type and complexity because we have the resources and personnel required. Through our extensive insurance coverage options in Cedar Heights, CT, we ensure that every type of risk is covered including that which you might not initially think about. Our goal at Berliner-Gelfand is to secure your investment against any risks, whether you own a hotel or condominium, we will provide the suitable insurance coverage needed.

Habitational Coverage Cedar Heights, CT