General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance in Candlewood Pines, CT

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance in Candlewood Pines, CT protects your business from claims of bodily injury, medical costs and damaged property made by individuals or other businesses.

A bodily injury claim can be made if, for instance, a client slips and falls on a wet floor in your business premises. You will be held liable for the injury resulting from the fall and as a result, be required to meet any medical expenses and other damages resulting from the injury.

On the other hand, a property damage claim may arise if, for example, your dry cleaning business damages an antique wedding gown while delivering it to the owner. You will be liable for that damage to the extent of your policy’s limits.

A personal injury claim can also be made against you if one of your employees slanders a client and that client learns about it. They will sue your employee and your company for slander, and you will be liable to the extent of your policy’s limits.

What Is General Liability Insurance Candlewood Pines, CT?

General Liability Coverage in Candlewood Pines, CT

Why should I get general liability insurance?

This kind of insurance is a smart idea for virtually any kind of business that you could think of. However, there are some kinds of business for which this general liability insurance in Candlewood Pines, CT is a must have. For instance:

  • If your business involves one-on-one interaction with your clients. For example, if your client comes to your business premises or you go to them.
  • If you have access to any of your client’s equipment or property. For example, a computer repair shop may be in possession of a client’s computer for some time, during which it may be damaged, and the shop owner would be held liable.
  • If you represent your client’s business such as a marketing company representing their client.
  • If you use another person’s or company’s space for business related activities.

There are cases where having a general liability insurance policy is a legal requirement for getting into any contract. In such a case, it is imperative to have this insurance.

General Liability Insurance Candlewood Pines, CT

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover in Candlewood Pines, CT?

Apart from the bodily harm mentioned above, damage to personal property and personal injury can be protected as well. General liability insurance provides the following kinds of coverage in Candlewood Pines, CT:

  • Completed Products Coverage

    – This protects your business against claims related to completed products and services provided by your business. For instance, if you manufacture a toy, and it injures a child, you will be covered to the extent of your policy.
  • Contract Liability Coverage

    – There are liabilities that you assume when you enter into various contracts such as your building's lease. This policy will cover you to the extent of your liability in these contracts.
  • Liquor Liability Coverage

    – This applies to businesses that are not necessarily manufacturers or distributors of alcohol, but may serve it occasionally at events. It is important to have this coverage in case any liquor-related events occur, and your business is held liable.
What Does General Liability Insurance Cover Candlewood Pines, CT?

How much does a general liability insurance policy cost?

The cost of a general liability insurance policy in Candlewood Pines, CT depends on the kind of business you have and your risk levels. At Berliner-Gelfand, we will run a quick risk assessment for you and develop an insurance policy suited perfectly to your business. Contact us to get a quote or speak to one of our professional insurance agents today.

Liability Insurance Policy Candlewood Pines, CT