Property Insurance

Property Insurance in Bethel, CT

Simply put, property insurance is insurance that covers any kinds of risks to property. It is an insurance policy that covers businesses and organizations against damage to their buildings (real property) and the contents (personal property).

What is Property Insurance in Bethel, CT?

Property insurance in Bethel, CT is used by a variety of businesses from manufacturers to retailers, to provide coverage for their property in the event of damages caused by fires, storms, natural disasters, and even theft. Some insurance policies go as far as covering the loss of income as a result of the damage or the extra expenses incurred while trying to keep the business running following the damage.

Commercial property insurance in Bethel, CT is especially important for businesses that rely on any equipment for their day to day activities. For instance, if you own a bakery, you definitely rely on your ovens, fridges, and other baking appliances because should anything happen to them, you would not be able to work optimally. Therefore, you would need to get commercial property insurance to cover these items in case anything happened to them.

Property Insurance Bethel, CT

What Does Property Insurance Cover in Bethel, CT?

As mentioned earlier, property insurance in Bethel, CT covers damages and losses to real and/or personal property within your business. With regard to real property, buildings, as well as permanently installed fixtures and additions that are still under construction are covered. Building contents found on or near the business premises that are used in the business are also covered, including leased property that you are contractually obligated to insure.

In addition to these, property insurance policies cover other people’s property that was in your custody, care, and control to the extent of your liability. For instance, if you own a watch repair shop, you may have some watches for repair in your care at the time of the damage that the policy should cover.

What Does Property Insurance Cover Bethel, CT?

However, there are three major perils that most commercial property insurance policies do not cover:

  • Flood damage

    This is typically excluded from property insurance policies, so if your business is in a flood zone, you may want to get a flood insurance policy.
  • Earthquake damage

    While the property insurance policy may reimburse your losses incurred during the shutdown, it will not cover damages caused by an earthquake.
  • Terrorist damage

    This is also excluded from a typical property insurance policy, but there are policies designed to provide coverage in the event of a terrorist attack on your property.
  • Wear and tear

    This is not covered since it is not considered accidental or unpredictable.

At Berliner-Gelfand, we will take you through the terms and conditions of our commercial property insurance policy, so you are clear on what will and will not be covered.

Property Insurance Bethel, CT

How Do I Get Bethel, CT Property Insurance?

The process is quite simple to obtain property insurance. Contact us to get a quote or stop by at one of our offices to talk to our professional insurance agents. The application process is quick and easy, and our agents will help you navigate through all the possible confusion. Every step of the insurance process will be explained. Visit us today and let Berliner-Gelfand help protect your property in Bethel, CT with the correct property insurance policy.